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Three Masters sit: Borges, Kafka and Shoshani in the middle.

In this painting of the famous French painter Gerard Garouste “Three Masters and the fat gooses”, one can see Mister Shoshani sitting in the middle, between Kafka and Borges.garouste_les_trois_maitres

“Les trois maîtres et les oies grasses”, tableau du célèbre peintre contemporain Gérard Garouste.
On peut y voir Monsieur Chouchani assis au milieu entre Kafka et Borges.

Jorge Luis Borges was a secret student of Professor Shoshani

Jorge-Luis-Borges-300x180According to many witnesses in Uruguay, Jorge Luis Borges was secretly learning with Professor Shoshani in Montevideo.

Here is a short story about that: