Jorge Luis Borges was a secret student of Professor Shoshani

Jorge-Luis-Borges-300x180According to many witnesses in Uruguay, Jorge Luis Borges was secretly learning with Professor Shoshani in Montevideo.

Here is a short story about that:

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  1. Teresa Porzecanski

    Since I wrote myself a fiction novel (Ïrse y andar,published first edition by Ediciones B in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 2011) whose main character is inspired in Shoshani ( whom I had casually met in 1967 in the Kehila of Montevideo), I did an exhaustive research on him and found out that the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges did not ever meet Shoshani personally, but that some of Shoshani’s admirers told Borges a lot of anecdotes about his incredible capabilities and knowledge. Listening to them, Borges was inspired enough to write his celebrated short story “Funes el memorioso”.


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