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Professor Zwi Bacharach

Tsvi Bacharach1פרופסור צבי בכרך שפגש את מר שושני בשנות החמישים בקיבוץ בארות יצחק, הלך לעולמו – יהי זכרו ברוך.
Professor Zwi Bacharach who met M. Shoshani in the 50s’ at the Kibbutz Beerot Yitzhak has recently passed away, may his memory be blessed.

Elie Wiesel-Chouchani’s relationship and influence.

Interesting article on Elie Wiesel-Chouchani’s relationship and influence.
“Shushani’s influence on Wiesel cannot be overstated. “It is to him I owe my constant drive to question, my pursuit of the mystery that lies within knowledge and of the darkness hidden within light.” “(…)
“What, then, was the turning point in Wiesel’s life that led to his writing of Night?–and to a remarkable career of bearing witness to the Holocaust and to speaking out on behalf of all who suffer from oppression and injustice? Arguably, it was his unsettling initial experience with the wise teacher Shushani.

From Shushani he learned about Job, Midrash, the Talmud, and humanity. From Shushani he learned to question certainties, to care deeply about the suffering of others, and to acknowledge the power (and limitation) of words. Eventually, and above all, these lessons led Wiesel to a sense of responsibility, of personal moral accountability in the face of oppression and suffering.

From Shushani Wiesel learned that “Man is defined by what troubles him, not by what reassures him.” He learned that despite the limitation of words, he had to make his deposition.”