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About Chouchani in the Vatican

A new article about Monsieur Chouchani in a Vatican’s newspaper! Yes even in the Vatican, they are interested in this exceptional man. They also write there about our movie and the filmmaker Michael Grynszpan.
Chouchani in the Vatican
מאמר חדש בעיתון בוותיקן! כן גם בוותיקן הם מתעניינים באיש היצא דופן הזה. הם גם מזכירים שם את הסרט שלנו ואת הבמאי מיכאל גרינשפן.


Elie Wiesel holds Shoshani / Chouchani’s letters in his private archives

Another fascinating article written by a talented journalist Ofer Aderet in Haaretz (same journalist who wrote the first article about our movie on Chouchani / Shoshani http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.553215)

Elie Wiesel and Joel Rappel - Picture : Dorit Rappel

Elie Wiesel and Joel Rappel – Picture : Dorit Rappel

This time it’s about the most famous book of Elie Wiesel, “Night”. We learn here that Dr Joel Rapel – who was the director of Elie Wiesel’s archives in Boston for years – found there this manuscript in Hebrew! Nobody knew until now that Wiesel wrote a version of “Night” in Hebrew because it has never been published. The text in Hebrew is different than the one in French.

Another interesting point in the article, though we knew it before from another source: Elie Wiesel holds letters that Chouchanu/Shoshani wrote him! Under what name did Chouchani sign his letters? good question… It’s important to stress the fact that Elie Wiesel has always maintained that Chouchani’s real name was Mordehai Rosenbaum.

Note: this mention of these letters doesn’t appear in the Hebrew translation of the original article of Aderet in Hebrew, one can say that Chouchani was lost in translation :)